Tia Mowry Gets Emotional As She Recalls The Time She & Her Sister Were Denied A Magazine Cover For Being Black

Tia Mowry and her sister Tamera Mowry have been in the game for years, and they have set trends and represented for many generations throughout their careers. Recently Tia participated in a segment with Entertainment Tonight and revealed something that many fans are shocked to learn about.

During a segment of ‘Unfiltered’ with the outlet, Tia showed off her makeup routine, and during the tutorial, she answered a few questions. One of the questions asked was, when was there a time she wished she would have spoken up.

An emotional Tia answered the question and said, “It was around ‘Sister, Sister’ days. The show was extremely popular. We were beating, like in the ratings, ‘Friends’ around that time. So, my sister and I, we wanted to be on the cover of this very popular magazine at the time — it was a teenage magazine. We were told that we couldn’t be on the cover of the magazine because we were Black and we would not sell.”

As she wiped away her tears, Tia continued, “But here I am as an adult, and it still affects me how someone can demean your value because of the color of your skin. I will never forget that. I will never forget where I was, I wish I would have spoken up. I wish I would have said something then. I wish I would have had the courage to speak out and say that isn’t right.”

Tia did not name the magazine, but social media started to flood with supportive messages from fans as they showed their appreciation for her.

I feel so bad for Tia. Tia really deserved that cover. Tia was on a hit TV show at the time, and even doing better than ‘Friends’ in ratings. God Bless Tia Mowry pic.twitter.com/jTABXNL8d8

— αитнoиу. (@MyLifeAsAD) September 10, 2020

@TiaMowry Just wanted to say that I LOVE and admire you. Blessings to you and your family!

— Ashley Anderson (@Ashleysama) September 10, 2020

@TiaMowry I just watched your #UnFiltered segment and wow I love u even more!

— Marketta Walton (@Marketta__K) September 10, 2020

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