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The Mayor’s Department of Culture and Commerce organizes “Kulturkarussell”

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NEW ORLEANS – The Mayor’s Office for Cultural Industry has announced that it will be organizing a cultural carousel in the Goldring / Woldenberg Great Lawn and Tricentennial Area from October 16 to 17. The cultural event will be attended by around 50 artists, musicians, food truck sellers, artisans, and more. Opening times: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Our culture bearers are the foundation of what makes New Orleans so special, and helping them find ways to survive and even thrive in a challenging environment is absolutely critical,” Mayor LaToya Cantrell said in a press release . “During the pandemic, we set up a virtual concert series that offered artists economic opportunities, made grants available and tried to combine them with funding wherever possible. We will continue to do so and support the essence of our community. “

“We strive to provide our artists and artisans with opportunities that directly support economic growth,” said Lisa Alexis, director of the Cultural Industries Bureau. “The basis of the Office for Cultural Industries is to use the innovative and entrepreneurial nature of the development of the cultural industries in order to achieve deeper results on projects and priorities of the city. One of the main drivers of our economy is the cultural industries, in which we need to invest as many dollars and resources as possible. The people who make this economy possible must be supported just as much as our other tourism sectors. “

This will serve as a time to stimulate some economic growth for our cultural bearers, who otherwise don’t have as many options, as festivals have closed due to the rise in COVID-19.

“As administrators of the 1,300-acre public space in the heart of New Orleans, we recognize our role and importance in maintaining cultural accessibility,” said Cara Lambright, CEO of New Orleans City Park. “City parks have always been an integral part of arts and cultural programs, and working with the City of New Orleans to support the cultural community that makes up our city is an integral part of how City Park serves the region.”

The mayor’s office for cultural industries will continue to organize and carry out such opportunities in order to open up and win economic opportunities for our cultural institutions. The Office of Cultural Economy has launched several programs that benefit these artists, including the New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund. Several funding opportunities were recently announced. Currently, applications are exempted for the Open NOLA Grant, which will fund a maximum of $ 6,000 and is designed to support the reopening and ongoing efforts of entertainment venues. Grant funds can be used for PPE and staff costs to ensure compliance with current COVID-19 vaccination status checks and negative COVID tests and $ 4,000 of the $ 6,000 for booking live entertainment.

Culture bearers and venue owners can apply for this scholarship by visiting notcf.com.

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