The London mother on Da Tracks Child claims Summer Walker is pregnant

Summer Walker's Toronto show started late and fans started complaining.  She let us know that her equipment was at the border, which caused the delay.

Chile’s Summer Walker ‘Baby Bump Watch’ apparently resumes after London On Da Tracks child mother claims the singer is pregnant.

Eboni wrote in her IG story that Summer was allegedly pregnant from London On Da Track, although the two were reportedly no longer together.

“I said what I said,” wrote Eboni on Instagram Stories. “Yes, summer pregnant from a *** a who puts his 3 baby mothers on child benefit, currently with open cases.”

This is at odds with what Summer Walker posted last month when he was addressing pregnancy rumors after a video and photo showing her with what appeared to be a bigger stomach surfaced.

“You madmen,” wrote Summer. “Who asks a stranger to tell you whether [they’re] pregnant. Lol and what a horror wants someone else to have a baby that they will never meet or help them raise. & the answer is no b *** h I’m bloated but you’re weird. “

As we previously reported, Summer Walker only announced last month that she and London had split up. “Officially single lol. At some point you have to give some kind of af ** k about yourself. For me that’s the bare minimum, ”she said in an Instagram story.

As you all know, London On Da Track is currently on trial with Dayira Jones. She claims London On Da Track fathered her son and is applying for $ 4,644 a month for child benefit.