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Superstars in Space: Celebrities Destined For The Cosmos

Lance bass

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Lance Bass’s assistant Lisa Delcampo recently revealed on Netflix series The Circle that Bass was trained as a cosmonaut. A cosmonaut is essentially an astronaut who completed space training in Russia. Believe it or not !, Bass even went under the knife to fix his irregular heartbeat so he could qualify for the trip. He was on his way to becoming the youngest person in space.

In August 2002, Bass took part in a zero gravity training flight over Star City, Russia. It was scheduled to launch on the Russian Soyuz Rock for the International Space Station, but the plans failed due to funding problems. It’s been years now, but he still hopes that one day he will leave Earth’s atmosphere.

James Cameron

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The great Hollywood film director and producer, Oscar winner and creator of the film Titanic is no stranger to the pressure change. Once he made a record-breaking solo dive of eleven miles to the deepest point in the entire ocean – the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. He made the descent on the Deepsea Challenger submarine, which lasted two hours and continued to explore for a few hours there.

As if that wasn’t an astronomical challenge, Cameron announced that he wanted to make a film on the International Space Station with none other than actor Tom Cruise. He actually had a deal with Russia to go there and make a high-end 3D documentary. It never happened, but hey, we wouldn’t trust this daring duo.

Caroll Spinney

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You may know him as the puppeteer in the big yellow feather suit who took Sesame Street by storm. Though you probably didn’t know that Caroll Spinney (AKA Big Bird) was also asked to join a Challenger mission – part of NASA’s Space Flight Participation Program that invited civilians to take part in space travel to raise awareness for the public Inspiring space.

Spinney was asked by NASA by letter to participate as Big Bird on a mission into space to interest the youth in planets, asteroids, constellations and galactic journeys. NASA had initial talks about sending Spinney into space with Sesame Street, but ultimately didn’t get through. Nobody knows exactly why, but some attribute it to the size of Big Bird’s 8-foot costume, who say it would take up too much space on the shuttle. With that, gravity kept Big Bird down on Sesame Street, and he and the rest of the nation mourned the tragedy of the Challenger Mission.

Space taxi for the stars

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Enter Virgin Galactic. It is a space tourism company founded by British aviation entrepreneur Richard Branson that offers paying customers the option to fly into space. Tickets for what was originally called “One Small Step” aren’t cheap. Some celebs were willing to pay $ 750,000 for one of the more expensive Virgin Galactic flights.

Leonardo Dicaprio

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The actor Leonardo DiCaprio bought his seat on board the Virgin Galactic back in 2013. Eight years and some major technical delays later, the launch is scheduled for 2022. Contained the original passenger list Ashton Kutcher, Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, and Katy Perry. Some opted out due to the test run crash in 2014. We’ll see which of these celebs are brave enough to jump on board. With this list of names, we absolutely need a reality TV show statistic.

Justin Bieber

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Bieber has space fever. The Biebs is another celebrity alongside DiCaprio claiming their ticket to Virgin Galactic’s new travel process known as “One Giant Leap”. He also said that he dreamed of making a music video in space. He better hopes that his cameramen can brave the weightlessness!


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Singer Rihanna has expressed her love for space since childhood. It has been reported that she believes in aliens and UFOs. She’s on Virgin Galactic’s waiting list, hoping to hunt down some green Martians herself on this star-studded spaceship. Guess Area 51 was too amateur for this pop queen!

Jeff Bezos

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Live life on the edge! Amazon founder Jeff Bezos successfully visited the edge of space a few months ago. The first purely civilian crew flew on the New Shepard rocket, which was developed by Bezos’ space company Blue Origin. At their highest altitude, the passengers experienced true weightlessness for about four minutes.

Mars or the moon, celebrities are like us – explorers, adventurers and adventurous people. Maybe one day you can take part in civil spaceflight yourself!

By Sam McCormack, contributor for Ripleys.com


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Source: Superstars in Space: Celebrities destined for the cosmos

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