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Star Wars: Squadrons shows that the force is still with us

The new Star Wars game puts you in the cockpits of the legendary X-Wing and TIE fighter aircraft. It's fun, but Star Wars: Squadrons is more of a good game than a great, says Jacob Aron


October 28, 2020

By Jacob Aron

In Star Wars: Squadrons you switch from escorting shuttles to bombing raids

EA games

Star Wars: Seasons

Motif Studios

PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

While the early 2000s was a dark time for Star Wars superfans hurt by the prequel trilogy's disaster, it was actually a high point for me thanks to video games.

I've never been more excited about Star Wars when I was younger, having missed the theatrical release of the original films by a good decade or so. Still, it's hard to resist the lure of power and somehow I absorbed Obi-Wan …