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Software company names IPO after Rajinikanth’s nickname

Freshworks, a software company founded in Chennai and now based in Silicon Valley, has a $ 100 million IPO for which it has filed on the Nasdaq as a ProjectSuperstar in homage to superstar Rajinikanth. designated

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UPDATED ON AUG 31, 2021 02:22 PM

Freshworks, a software service provider founded in Chennai and now based in Silicon Valley, has named ProjectSuperstar in homage to superstar Rajinikanth for a $ 100 million Initial Public Offer (IPO) it filed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The iconic actor is known as a superstar.

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Girish Mathrubootham, co-founder and CEO of Freshworks from Tamil Nadu’s Trichy district, is a fan of the actor. “I would like to express my love and gratitude to him for being my maanaseega guru. There is no comparable English word to express what this means, “said Mathrubootham in the postscript to the August 27 letter to the stock exchange, explaining why he named the IPO after Rajinikanth. “It’s a mentor; a role model that lives in your head, from whom you learn a lot by watching from a distance. SuperStar is a man who is loved and adored by millions of fans around the world. He is immensely successful, but humble and down to earth … “

In 2017, Mathrubootham and his family met Rajinikanth in his residence.

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