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Sharon Osbourne describes ‘out of body experiences’

The Talk that she’s had two of what she calls “out of body experiences.”” data-reactid=”16″>Sharon Osbourne revealed Thursday on The Talk that she’s had two of what she calls “out of body experiences.”


“I had one when I had pneumonia as a kid. And, I also had a really bad lung disease at the same time and I was out of my body,” Osbourne explained.

The second such experience, she said, was years later.

“I was in hospital and I was having a blood transfusion. I was sick and I can remember everything they did to bring me back,” Osbourne said. “And, I was hovering again out of my body looking at the room with the doctors.”

She recalled something from the scene that, logically, she shouldn’t have been able to observe.

“The doctor said to me, ‘I’ll do anything, just come back, come back. Anything you want. I’ll do anything.’” Osbourne said. “And then, when I saw the doctor the next day, I said, ‘You’ll do anything? I want an ice cream’… He was looking at me like, what?”

Osbourne son Jack said he only learned about the stories during filming.