Rolling Ray fires back with the last word in the last cheeky Santana beef - "Stop playing with me, Santana!"

Rolling Ray fires back with the last word in the last cheeky Santana beef – “Stop playing with me, Santana!”

Roommate, in the final round of the unexpected celebrity drama, social media personalities Rolling Ray and Saucy Santana recently had an online beef that all social media outlets were talking about. What began as a simple tweet turned into a feud between the two – that ended with Rolling Ray posting a video to give Saucy Santana the final say on their subjects.

In a video posted on both his Twitter and Instagram pages, Rolling Ray definitely won over Saucy Santana. He verbally recorded his performance, suggested he thirst for attention, and also claimed Santana recently developed a big ego because he is currently friends with JT and Young Miami from the City Girls.

Towards the end of the video, Rolling Ray warned Santana, “Stop playing with me, Santana! I’m not the one, I’m the two … take up your life. “

As we previously reported, Santana replied to a fan on Twitter who asked if he and Rolling Ray were related and wrote, “B *** h won’t be blocked. Deada **. “Ray wasted no time and was quick to respond, saying,” You don’t even have to admit the fan that your big body, Rick Ross baby, doesn’t look good. “

The back and forth went on when Santana replied, “And you don’t have to acknowledge me! You could keep scrolling or keep scrolling! Idk why you keep tryna come on the internet with me. It will never happen. We are not the same EVER. Purrrrrr. “

Santana fired back again and wrote: “ME> THEM. When I click on your page it says follow back. When I review my messages, you’re all in the message request. TF my mentions. He left one final tweet before blocking Ray on Twitter, saying, “B ** ch so happy I replied to you after years of talking about me. Happy birthday and good night! “

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