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Rizzo breaks hatred after “rumors”, Cardy and celebrities protect her

Rizzo Once again I crush the haters who just want to say something about her – but this time it really got through to her … “because she’s crying into the camera.

The singer went live on Sunday, breaking what she said about becoming increasingly negative after her release. Cardi BLizzo’s new song “Rumors” is the fat shame, racist, and fault of serving a white audience.

Rizzo says that he often feels more hate than love, even though he tries to bring positive energy into the world through music, posts, etc. … and it does. She says she has thick skin, which is now putting a lot of strain on her.

She makes a valid claim – that is, if you aren’t into her music, or personality, or anything else about her art, just change the dial to something else .. But Rizzo says they are aware that people are going out , her way of looking down on her, and she can’t understand it.

Loving yourself in a world that doesn’t love you requires an incredible amount of self-awareness and a chance detector that allows you to look backwards through social standards …

If you can love yourself today, I’m proud of you.

Even if you don’t, I’m still proud of you. That is a big issue

– All rumors are true (@lizzo) August 15, 2021

This is nothing new to her. Lizzo has dealt with this type of hatred since it first stepped onto the scene. She’s usually good at telling people to kick stones. She stopped there too, but this video really shows how hard all the trash stories hit her armor … and painful to say the least. .. Even Qadi felt compelled to speak out.

She writes: “If you get up alone, they insist on your problems and sensitivities. They won’t tear you apart until you cry like this. They. These are geeks who look at popular tables. Remember it. “Other celebrities also came to defend them. Croy Bailey..

Lizzo says he’ll focus on the positives and ignore the hateful messages he might read about himself on social media and elsewhere – TBH, that sounds like a great idea.

Rizzo breaks hatred after “rumors”, Cardy and celebrities protect her

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