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Rise in water bills in Lycoming County Prison explained by higher population and temperatures | News, sports, jobs

Possible reasons for a $ 32,000 Williamsport Municipal Water Board bill for water and sewer charges for Lycoming County Jail were set out by Guard Brad Shoemaker at the recent jail board meeting.

Shoemaker told the board that he had reached out to the maintenance manager to see if the water and sewer charges per gallon had changed. He also looked at the prison inmates to see if the number of inmates housed there increased every day.

In order to continue his inquiry, Shoemaker had carried out a cost comparison with the third quarter of the past two years.

“The bill for the third quarter of 2019 for water and wastewater was $ 35,296. The average daily population at that time was 344.06. The bill was $ 27,749 for the third quarter of 2020. The average daily population in 2020 was 216.08 in the third quarter. “ Shoemaker said.

For the third quarter of this year, the average daily population was 267.23 and the bill was $ 32,168.

“So you can see as the number rises, that in the third quarter we had an average of 55 more inmates per day than last year. … It would certainly play a role why we saw an increase in the water bill. “ Shoemaker said.

Another factor for the water consumption in the correctional facility is the above-average daytime temperatures in the summer months.

The maintenance manager told him that “Depending on the average daytime temperature, when it’s hotter and we run the air conditioning a lot more, the type of unit in the prison uses a lot of water.”

County Commissioner Rick Mirabito also asked the director if he had seen an increase in food costs in the prison system.

“I have no answer as to whether food costs have increased overall, prices have increased. When I met with my food service supervisor, he advised that this year, due to his contacts with the providers he used, plan a more significant increase than in the past. “ Shoemaker said.

The total approved spend for September was $ 149,687. Sales were $ 39,875.

On the human resources front, the board approved the recruitment of Michael Sisley, full-time correctional officer, and Morgan Stone and Paige Emerick as full-time overseers. They were all replacements.

There are still five vacancies for correctional officers and one post for an LPN post.

The next meeting will take place on September 12th at 8:30 a.m. in the Boardroom of the Commissioners, Executive Plaza, 330 Pine St.

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