Quality Control CEO Pee Thomas Unfollows Both Offset & Quavo On Instagram Following Recent Migos Lawsuit

Roommates, it appears that the recent lawsuit filed by Migos is getting even more messy. Earlier this month when Migos filed a lawsuit against their long-time lawyer Damien Granderson (who works for Quality Control) for cheating them out of millions—and now Quality Control CEO Pee Thomas has just unfollowed both Offset and Quavo on Instagram.

Many were shocked when the news spread that Migos officially filed a lawsuit against their lawyer Damien Granderson stemming from claims that he “abused his position of trust as Migos’ fiduciary from the moment he was retained as Migos’ lawyer” as well as cheating Migos “out of millions” and a “glaring conflicts of interest.” In case you didn’t know, Granderson also represents Migos’ record label, Quality Control Music.

Quality Control CEO, Pee Thomas, responded to the Migos lawsuit on Instagram, writing:

“It is unfortunate that the same people that we have worked hard for, provided opportunities for, and championed for are now alleging that we have participated in any kind of immoral or unfair business practices or took advantage of them and their careers, especially while we are dealing with the death of an artist on our label that was dear to us. Everyone has their own lawyers. I understand in this business that you are not always going to end with the people you started with. I say that to say, I am not forcing anybody to be in business with us that has a problem and cannot communicate and does not want to work as a unit. Everything is negotiable. I wish my whole team more money, more blessings, and continued success.”

Fast forward a few days later and Pee has taken things a step further by unfollowing Migos members Offset and Quavo on Instagram. As of right now, there is no word on if Migos are set to leave the label, but based on recent incidents things don’t look good.


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