President Donald Trump files lawsuit in Michigan to stop voting papers

Donald Trump got into a heated exchange with the presenter of the city hall, the NBC correspondent Savannah Guthrie.

With votes from states still being counted in the US, President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has officially filed a lawsuit with the Michigan Court of Claims to prevent the state from counting ballots. He has requested this “until meaningful access has been granted” in order to observe the process of ballot counting.

A statement released by the campaign said: “We are also calling for a review of ballot papers that are opened and counted while we have not had meaningful access.” Trump’s campaign workers claim they have been denied access to “numerous counting locations” to watch the process “as guaranteed by Michigan law.”

According to the Detroit News, Bill Stepien, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, said, “As Michigan votes continue to be counted, the state’s president’s race will remain extremely close, as we’ve always known it will be.”

The campaign’s official statement did not provide any information about the location where they were denied access and the copy of the lawsuit is not available. Currently, Vice President Joe Biden is at the top with 49.7% of the vote than Trump with 48.8%. 95% of the counties report to the state, as many absence results are included.

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