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Pennsylvania Adds 1,088 Cases of COVID-19 | News, sports, jobs

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania has its highest number of COVID-19 cases since May as the Delta variant spreads, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

There were 1,088 positives on Thursday, bringing the number of nationwide cases to 1,223,390. It was the first time since May that Pennsylvania exceeded 1,000 cases in a day.

The numbers remain stable locally. Clinton County added just one case of COVID-19 on Thursday, while Lycoming Counties (up 11) and Center Counties (up 10) saw new double-digit cases.

As for negative test results, Clinton County has seen 10,482 negatives. Center County saw 72,613 residents test negative. Meanwhile, Lycoming County has tested negative for 34,457 of its residents.

There were 6,197 new negative tests nationwide. A total of 4,900,572 negative tests were recorded across the state.

Nationwide, COVID-19 hospital stays continue to increase. Pennsylvania now has 462 inpatients for COVID-19, up from 17 since Wednesday, including 87 in intensive care and 50 on ventilators.

As COVID-19 numbers rise, four new deaths have been reported nationwide. The total of Pennsylvania now stands at 27,842.

On Thursday, Pennsylvania officials held a briefing on COVID-19 in the state and efforts to get more people vaccinated.

Acting Health Secretary Alison Beam said the Pennsylvania Department of Health will text about 250,000 residents who have received their first dose of the vaccine but not their second.

Vaccination appointments for children aged 12 and over are available through pharmacies and other providers listed under vaccines.gov. The text tells the recipients that the message is from the DOH and prompts them to take their second recording.

According to the DOH, 62.6 percent of Pennsylvanians over the age of 18 are fully vaccinated.

For more information on COVID-19 or a closer look at the numbers, visit health.pa.gov.

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