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Paulina Porizkova has a “total nervous breakdown” after a passport disaster at the airport of Costa Rica

The 55-year-old model recently said she has “never cried as much as I did last year,” and the tears flowed again during a trip to Costa Rica.

“When we landed [I] I found out that my passport has expired, ”wrote the supermodel who had spent her career around the world. “So we were immediately put on the same plane again.”

She admitted, “I had a total nervous breakdown at the airport and they actually had to put me in a wheelchair to get me back to the plane. I was crying so hard that I don’t even remember it.

Porizkova added, “I think this is going to be a really funny story – soon.”

Since international travel is out of the question, she spends the week “in a fancy spa” instead. And yes, she knows she is in an “incredibly privileged position” for this to be her second vacation.

The spa indulgence she does on her own will be “a novel experience,” she wrote. “In my mind, a week alone wipes me out completely, when I think about the next few days, it’s like falling into a coma. As if somehow I couldn’t participate in my life. That’s the idea of ​​relief I guess. Of course, I know I’ll just deal with myself instead. “

She hoped to “stay completely offline” and “hopefully return better equipped for the battles ahead”.