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Optec International Inc. (OTCMKTS: OPTI) stock gains momentum after the news

Optec International Inc. (OTCMKTS: OPTI) rose 3% after announcing the official launch of its newest group purchasing unit by newly acquired wholly-owned subsidiary WeShield. The new business area is called “WeShield Together”.

In particular, since the beginning of August, the group has done business with around 32 external commodity-based brokers and sales organizations who have kept WeShield as their purchasing wing to reduce the rising costs of stressed products due to disrupted supply chains due to disrupted supply chains -19 pandemic. Most importantly, the group plans to expand into other commodities in the coming weeks.

Two weeks after launch, the division posted sales of more than $ 2 million in media and PPE supplies. With the rapid spread of the Delta variant, the company is likely to expect more sales. Optec is also concentrating on the Omega and Lambda variants and is gaining further supply partners in order to meet the increasing demand. WeShield CEI Michael Sinensky said they continue to establish WeShield as a leader in the field of PPE delivery and medical supplies. So in the coming weeks, OPTI is well worth seeing.

Market reaction:

On Monday, OPTI stock was up 2.62% at $ 0.0510 with more than 16.91 million shares, compared to an average volume of 15.10 million shares. The stock has moved in a range of $ 0.0494 to $ 0.0532 after opening trade at $ 0.0500.

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