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Notable celebrities featured in Profile by Sanford ad campaign

The healthcare system announced Profile’s new star-studded lineup in February. “This partnership of strategically selected stars from music, sports and pop culture shows the commitment of Profiles to provide personalized nutrition plans and individual health coaching in order to change lives,” said a press release at the time.

Sanford Health hired country band Lady A to support their Profile by Sanford menu. Domain / Wikimedia Commons

Hillary Scott, Lady A’s co-lead singer, said the band chose to endorse Profiles because it allowed them to customize their own regiments. “We were very drawn to being part of Profiles and everyone joining personally because it offers a personalized nutrition plan for each of us,” Scott said at the time. “We’re all working parents who need a lot of energy and a sustainable plan. So, to have a program developed by doctors and scientists at Sanford Health that is tailored to each of us, we look forward to the opportunity to learn new healthy habits. “

Trainor, best known for pop hits like “All About That Bass” and “Lips Are Movin,” said in February the advertising deal with Profile would help her navigate the impending birth of her son Riley. “Life is crazy these days trying to balance album releases and prepare for this baby,” she said. “I need a plan that is super easy to follow, and I’m h -py to have my own profile coach to help me through the final stages of my pregnancy and after the birth. I look forward to learning more about nutrition and sharing my experiences so that others can find their own plans. “

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Both Lady A and Trainor participated in Profile’s One-on-One Nutritional Coaching Program. Smith, 52, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after winning three Super Bowl titles with the Cowboys and leading the NFL in rushing four times, will also endorse the brand. The new line-up of prominent endorsers “will reinforce Profile’s bespoke plans for every lifestyle, gender and stage of life,” the press release said.

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith is a brand ambassador for Sanford's Profile Diet.  Public domain / Wikimedia Commons

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith is a brand ambassador for Sanford’s Profile Diet. Public domain / Wikimedia Commons

The trio has been featured in several advertisements for profiles. A January ad that featured the three featured them as sponsors.

Lady A and Trainor have both  -peared in subsequent advertisements highlighting the brand and how they took advantage of Profile’s offerings.

The coach’s ad referred to the simplicity of Profiles and the guidance that the program offers. The pop star is no stranger to being in the spotlight when it comes to body positivity. In 2014, when All About That Bass topped the charts, she claimed the song was about “loving your body” while others denounced the song as “going backwards for body positivity and feminism.”

In her ad, Lady A mentioned that profiles are available on the go, which she thinks fits her touring lifestyle.

While celebrity endorsements can cost a lot of money, a 2012 study in Harvard Business School’s Journal of Advertising Research that focused on athlete endorsers showed they pay off. The study found that such endorsers can increase sales by 4% and share prices by 0.25%.

The study found that between 14% and 19% of the ads featured a celebrity.

Profile has three locations in the metropolitan area, in Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo. The company has 101 locations in 32 states nationwide.

Sanford Health did not make profiles available to discuss their celebrity advertising. More information is available at www.profileplan.com.

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