Nipsey Hussle’s marathon clothing store has been destroyed (video)

Nipsey Hussle Memorial

Roommate, a little over a year has passed since Nipsey Hussle died. As you already know, Nipsey was tragically gunned down by a man named Eric Holder right outside his marathon clothing store. Unfortunately, it appears to be early this morning that Nipsy’s shop was badly destroyed. In the video recorded by one of our roommates, you can see broken glass everywhere.

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Fortunately, it didn’t take long for some good Samaritans to step in and help clean up the unfortunate mess. Currently there is no word on why his business was destroyed or if there is a suspect, the video itself is making rounds on social media. Needless to say, there are so many people out there who protect Nipsey Hussle’s legacy. If you remember, fans were outraged at Tekahshi 69 for seemingly trolling Nipsey after saying on social media that he wanted to show him his respect by kneeling in front of a mural in Los Angeles, California. Tekashi uploaded the video to Instagram and was immediately hit by a firestorm of harsh comments.

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Tekashi has since reported that he didn’t want to troll but actually paid his respects when he sat down exclusively with The Shade Room. Although Nipsey may have passed away, his team works diligently to ensure that his legacy is never forgotten. They are currently negotiating a potential documentary about Nipsey’s life that will premiere on Netflix. Ava DuVernay is listed as the producer on the project. Should that come to fruition, I’m sure so many fans would love to revisit some of Nipsey’s most impressive moments.

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