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Nikita Dragun claps back to backlash after referring to influencers as celebrities; Met Gala 2021 invite list fiasco rages on

Nikita Dragun continues to be one of the most dissenting YouTubers on the internet, especially after claiming celebrity status on Instagram. The founder of Dragun Beauty recently hit the social media platform expressing her frustration that internet users are not allowing influencers to enjoy her newfound fame.

The internet has been rampant since a leaked seating chart for the upcoming Met Gala surfaced online that had multiple influencers including Addison Rae, James Charles, Emma Chamberlain and the D’Amelio sisters.

People weren’t happy with influencers attending the A-list celebrity event.

What did Nikita Dragun say?

The 25-year-old has become one of the most influential makeup experts on YouTube, gaining over 3.65 million subscribers on the video-sharing platform. While commenting on the rumors of influencers attending the Met Gala, including herself, Dragun said on her Instagram story:

“B ** ch, if you have a problem with influencers at the Met Gala, influencers in fashion, influencers in music, influencers doing business, get ready, b ** ch. I’m so tired of seeing comments from people who say, “Oh my god, why are they inviting influencers to the Met Gala, oh my god, why are influencers modeling, oh my god, why are influencers creating so many beauty brands” , it’s like getting the f ** k over it. “

Nikita Dragun continued to express her anger online, explaining how her audience helped them become celebrities:

“I’m so sick of this story that influencers aren’t celebrities, b ** ch we are. We are M ** her F ** King, B ** ch. You’re fucking watching. I’m so hot because I don’t just see these comments on my posts, but literally on anyone who makes music or whatever. It’s like B ** ch, you are the ones building us up. “

Nikita Dragun ended their talk by saying:

“Anyway, yell to my girls who get it, my bad bitches, my besties, my draguns, you brought me here. I literally just closed a show at New York Fashion Week. I literally lived a dream and a fantasy. It would never happen, and it shouldn’t happen to a little Virginia trans girl like me, and I’m just so honored. “

Interestingly, today the influencer shut down Private Policy, NY. The novice model took to Instagram and applauded the brand for the Asian and transgender representation during the show.

Though Nikita Dragun’s swear word was fueled by the leaked Met Gala guest list, rumors about her and other influencers attending the prestigious event have not been confirmed.

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