Nicki Minaj calls the Barbz because he has published a false photo of her newborn son – "Imagine you do that"

Roommate Nicki Minaj has just given birth to their first child, a healthy boy – but their die-hard fan base, the Barbz, are so eager to get a look at him that they make a ridiculous effort. Nicki had to call the Barbz on social media to let them know that the photo they shared online of their alleged son was actually not him.

If you know anything about Nicki Minaj, then you know that her fans, the Barbz, are absolutely hardcore when it comes to anything that concerns them – and that includes their newborn baby. When one of the Barbz tweeted a photo of a little boy and suggested the little one was Nicki's own newborn son, social media went absolutely wild. The fan even gave the photo a caption: “Welcome from Jeremiah-Maraj-Petty. You are a blessing to us and we love you so much. "

However, it didn't take long for Nicki Minaj to call the Barbz and let her know that not only were they wrong, but that posting a fake photo wasn't cool.

Nicki tweeted: “Not my baby. Not his name. Imagine that. Please delete this person's child from your side. "

Earlier this week Nicki confirmed the gender of her son on Instagram and wrote, “I am so grateful and in love with my son. Madly in love. My favorite liddo boy in the whole world. "

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#NickiMinaj approached a Twitter user who posted a photo of a baby claiming it was her son – Go to our IG story to see the picture

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