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New pre-accelerator program aims at early-stage sports and wellness ideas

In the south-east of the country, a new pre-accelerator program to identify high-potential sports and wellness start-ups of the future is due to start operations.

Announced by Resolve partners and NDRC at ArcLabs, SportX is specifically designed to develop opportunities in the sports and wellness industry.

The program runs from mid-October through late November and provides participants with tools to help them seize opportunities, gain a better understanding of an entrepreneurial career path, access industry veterans, and help them find support appropriate to their stage of development .

“ArcLabs represents a unique entrepreneurship ecosystem that brings together world-class infrastructure, knowledge, skills and networks to help people with exciting ideas create and scale business opportunities in Life,” said Aisling O’Neill, manager of ArcLabs Research & Innovation Center.


The program is run by Resolve Partners, which includes the advisory team of David Scanlon, Dermot Casey, Angela Duffy and Alan Costello.

For the past five years, the team has worked in a variety of roles with hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders with expertise in sectors such as technology, finance and fintech, energy and climate, medicine and media education.

They will operate SportX in partnership with ArcLabs Research & Innovation Center, WIT Arena and UPMC, building on the significant domain expertise already available in the region.

“Building on the successful Enterprise Ireland supported Regional Accelerator Scheme, NDRC investors at Arclabs are excited to fund a program aimed at finding the next generation of Sportstech entrepreneurs who have the amazing support for business and sport in the Southeast of Ireland, ”said Gary Leyden, Director of NDRC at Arclabs.

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