New joint pain study finds supplement helps reduce arthritis symptoms

Newly published research has shown the benefits of a one a day supplement called Enzoplex which contains Serrapeptase, in relieving symptoms of osteoarthritis.

After three months, the group using the additional Enzoplex supplement demonstrated stronger results in mobility and ‘walking distance’ tests, a significant reduction in arthritis symptoms (measured by the standard Karnofsky Scale) and had dramatically reduced their need for rescue medications. The study also revealed oxidative stress levels were also significantly reduced and Quality of Life scores improved.

Enzoplex is an all natural inflammation and pain reducer. Based on ground breaking research and backed by over 50 clinical trials, the all natural ingredients in Enzoplex have been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation and joint pain, without the dangerous side effects of many over the counter and prescription medication.

What makes Enzoplex so powerful and unique is it is enzyme based. In multiple double blind and placebo controlled studies, these all natural enzymes have been shown to not only significantly reduce swelling but also to repair the underlying cause of the inflammation.

The enzymes in Enzoplex have shown to be a effective against inflammation in all its forms such as inflammation of the joints, the digestive system as well as other organs. This is done as a result of enzymes breaking the dead tissues and excess fibrin, thus eliminating the body’s defense mechanism which is known as inflammation. The body is then able to rid itself of the burdensome dead tissues and fibrin growths thereby allowing for the healing process to begin more effectively.

Enzoplex not only breaks down the dead fibrin tissues, but also serve as a healthy alternative to NSAIDS (aspirin, ibuprofen), and powerful steroids that are sometimes used for pain control.

As reported by one of the participants of the clinical trial stated ” I got this for my husband, who has one joint pain. It works well and has a nice set of ingredients at a decent price. My husband began noticing a difference after about a week and a half. The pills are easy to swallow and we’ve seen no side effects or interactions. They seem to be high quality, effective ingredients.”

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