Nas Clarifies That The Line On His New Album Mentioning Doja Cat Wasn’t A Diss—“It’s All Love”

Roommates, earlier this week Doja Cat fans were up in arms over a lyric from the legendary Nas on his new album. Well, now Nas has offered up some clarification about the song and assures everyone that he was not intending to diss her at all.

During a recent interview with radio station Power 106 to promote his new critically-acclaimed album “King’s Disease,” Nas explained the lyric on the song “Ultra Black” which mentions Doja Cat and cleared up the rumors that he was shading her.

Nas stated, “I was really just saying a rhyme that rhymed with “Ultra Black.” I didn’t even think of it, you know what I’m saying? It’s all love. It was just like ‘Michael Blackson black.’ They’re bars. Just lines. We play with words, man.”

Nas spits the following line in the song, “Sometimes I’m over-black, even my clothes are black/Cash Money with the white tee and the soldier rag. We going ultra black, unapologetically black/The opposite of Doja Cat, Michael Blackson black.”

In response to the song, Doja Cat recently revealed that she will be releasing a song called “N.A.S.” Rumors have swirled that the song will not address Nas specifically, but is instead an acronym for “N***as Ain’t S**t.”

As we previously reported, back in June Doja Cat was at the center of immense controversy after fans discovered that she frequented a chatroom website is known to be home to White supremacists and other radical groups. She also released a song called “Dindu Nuffin”—which is based on a phrase used to discredit Black victims of police brutality.

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#PressPlay: #Nas clarifies and says he meant no disrespect to #DojaCat after he name dropped her in his song #UltraBlack (: @power_106)

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