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MissFresh Limited (NASDAQ: MF) share climbs to high volume

MissFresh Limited (NASDAQ: MF), a leading provider of retail space in China, was the focus of investors yesterday after the company made an important announcement regarding its flower sales.

The company announced that its flower sales rose a staggering 467% during the Qixi Festival, popularly known as China’s “Valentine’s Day”. The Qixi Festival took place on August 14th. It goes without saying that it was a big announcement from the company and investors seemed excited about it. The stock rose up to 6% yesterday after the news broke.

The senior manager of the company’s florist spoke about the performance. Senior manager Bo Qi said that during the festival, flowers were sold out in all 17 cities in China where the company operates its flower shop.

However, it should also be noted in this context that MissFresh seemed to have anticipated the massive demand for flowers of the day, taking pre-orders as early as August 5th, 467% month-to-month.

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