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Mighty storm worries supply teams and firefighters | News, sports, jobs

A brief – but strong – thunderstorm swept through parts of the townships of McInTyre and Plunketts Creek in Lycoming County and Hillsgrove in Sullivan County on Thursday afternoon, knocking down numerous trees and breaking a few electricity pylons.

The 911 911, which handles 911 calls for both Lycoming counties and Sullivan, handled nearly three dozen storm-related incidents in two hours from approximately 1:30 p.m.

“There must have been a down draft through Pleasant Stream Road because we had quite a bit of damage in that area.” said Ralston Fire Chief John Orr.

“We had trees on wire and a mast and transformer down there. The residents at the top of Pleasant Stream Road were still without electricity ” Thursday evening, said the boss.

The rain gauge in Orr’s backyard registered an inch of rain in about 30 minutes.

At least that’s what Plunkett’s Creek Fire Chief Brad Stine reported “A dozen trees” or more fell alone in his fire department.

“We had reports of isolated power outages”, he said.

Trees have been reported on Proctor Road and Wallis Run Road, Stine said. No one was injured, but the roof of a one-story ranch-style house on Hoppestown Road was damaged when a tree landed on the building, he added.

Route 87 from Barbours to Hillsgrove was closed for at least two hours because of several large trees on the Lycoming-Sullivan county line, Stine said.

Trout Run firefighters handled several storm-related emergencies, including trees on Lower Bodines Road and a transformer fire on Route 14 and Field Station Road, both in Lewis Township.

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