Rowling has faced criticism for her remarks on trans women. (Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Meghan McCain remembers late father John McCain on election day

She advised others to look beyond the divisive politics of today. “I am so proud to be an American and to have the privilege of living in the greatest country that has ever existed,” wrote Meghan. “No president, no time or political party will ever change that.” She concluded her message with a quote from her father, a veteran: “We are Americans and we fight, never give up.”

On Instagram, her words were the headline for two picture quotes – about how to be a compassionate person after the election and how her Wednesday won’t be any different, regardless of who wins.

publicly criticized her late father since his death. “data-reactid =” 49 “> Nonetheless, the Republican has made it clear that former Vice President Joe Biden and not President Trump is her choice for President. Trump has since infamous and publicly criticized her late father’s death.

Cindy, who married John in 1980, supported Biden in September. “My husband John lived by a code: country first,” she tweeted. “We’re Republicans, yes, but mostly Americans. There is only one candidate in this race who stands up for our values ​​as a nation and that is @JoeBiden. “