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Matthew McConaughey responds to Kate Hudson’s criticism of their kisses [Video]

“It’s like, ‘OK, here’s the scene: you just jumped off the helicopter. You are in the middle of the ocean. You go underwater, so you go in the water and then come out of the water like you’re gasping for air, ”says McConaughey, mimicking a crew member. “You are happy to be alive! Then you look at each other and swim with each other and [go] in a hug. “

All of this is not easy when you are trying to act romantically.

“Well there is a lot of salt water and snot and all sorts of things in between and you do that and you think, OK, I think that worked, but did that look good?” McConaughey says. “[They’re] No, we’d better do a different setting. So there were always elements that made it harder … We never got our lovely romantic kiss, yeah. “

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey star in the 2008 film “Fool’s Gold”. (Photo: © Warner Bros./courtesy Everett Collection)


“So many of our … kisses from Kate and me were awkward,” says McConaughey. “We still think, hey, can we ever get a kiss where it’s just like the temperature, right? The ocean doesn’t wipe us away? Nobody drops things on top of us? “

Off-screen, of course, McConaughey shares his romantic moments with wife Camila Alves. They got married in 2012.