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Marine kaleidoscope shows the beauty of coral reefs

The vibrant colours of threatened coral reefs are transformed into a natural kaleidoscope in this stunning image created by Dutch photographer Georgette Douwma


29 July 2020

Georgette Douwma Agency

HAILED as the rainforests of the sea, coral reefs support almost a quarter of all marine species, from turtles and fish – like the clownfish peeking out of its anemone that is seen repeatedly in this image – to snails and worms.

Dutch photographer Georgette Douwma’s work reflects the ability of corals and some anemones to clone themselves from broken fragments. Here, she has combined mirrored shots of the clownfish and its home to create the impression of a natural kaleidoscope.

Due to a deadly combination of ocean acidification and warming from climate change, …