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KSCP Stock IPO: When Will Knightscope Go Public? What is the KSCP share IPO price range?

Perhaps one of the more exciting initial public offerings (IPOs) of 2022 is about to launch. Knightscope, an autonomous security robot (ASR) company, is the latest company to have the call Nasdaq his homeland. It will use the ticker symbol KSCP. This upcoming KSCP IPO is attracting tremendous attention, with a dedicated website focused on providing investors with more information.

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Founded in 2013 to help law enforcement agencies and major customers with security needs, this company has garnered tremendous interest not only from the community but also from investors. To date, Knightscope has raised $75 million from top-tier institutional investors. However, the company is seeking more capital via an IPO to further expand its business. In addition, access to capital markets should provide much-needed growth capital in the future, should the need arise.

Let’s dive into what investors want to know about this upcoming IPO.

What you should know about the KSCP stock IPO

Today, investors interested in Knightscope’s IPO received some important news. The company announced today that it is targeting January 27 as its IPO date. Through crowdfunding and other unconventional means, Knightscope has already become one of the most exciting early-stage opportunities for many investors.

Under the terms and conditions now set, the IPO of KSCP stock appears to be conducted at a price of $10 per share. Knightscope intends to issue 4 million shares to raise up to $40 million at a valuation of $585 million.

The demand for automation has risen sharply across all industries. Accordingly, investor demand for products made by companies like Knightscope is growing rapidly. Despite being an early-stage company, having only received its first orders two years ago, investors on the ground floor are looking for a potentially impressive long-term investment opportunity.

In fact, KSCP stock is expected to be a key watchlist ticker for many investors in the coming weeks.

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