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Kate Hudson Announces Engagement with Danny Fujikawa | Celebrities

Kate Hudson is engaged to Danny Fujikawa.

The 42-year-old actress took her engagement news out on social media to share with her longtime boyfriend and posted a snapshot of her sparkling engagement ring on Instagram.

Kate, who is kissing her fiancé in the photo, writes: [bride and groom emojis] (Sic) “

The Hollywood star has already congratulated some of her entertainers on her engagement.

Amanda Kloots wrote:

In response to Kate’s post, Katie Couric said: [heart emojis] (Sic) “

Zoey Deutch also celebrated the engagement of his beloved couple.

She wrote: “Congratulations on aww!”

Elsewhere, Naomi Campbell simply said, “Congratulations! [heart emojis] (Sic) “

Kate and Danny started dating in late 2016, and she had previously revealed how they met.

The actress stated that Erin and Sara Foster (her “best friend”) played an important role in their romance.

Kate (Rider, 17 years old) and Bingham (10 years old) and Lani (2 years old) and fiancée from a previous relationship) wrote in an Instagram post commemorating the first anniversary: ​​Rider. His sister-in-law is my best friend, so we’ve been in the same circle for over 10 years! “

She later explained how their relationship developed.

Kate said, “A year ago today, Danny took me on a hike. What I thought was a hike with my family friends soon turned into an unexpected first date.

“There was no movement on that first date. In fact, it took him a few months to take the first step! And the kiss on that bridge was good, so the kiss was very sweet a year later. It was really great to open our hearts on our 15th day and to be able to feel pure love for a year of getting to know each other. “

Kate Hudson Announces Engagement To Danny Fujikawa | Celebrities

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