Kanye West Outlines What He Feels Should Be The New Guidelines For Recording & Publishing Deals

If you’ve been under a rock, then you may have not known that recently Kanye West has been on yet another tweeting spree as he has been sharing his latest thoughts with his followers. Recently Kanye has been expressing his passion for owning his masters, as well as helping other artists own their masters.

On Sunday, he took to Twitter to propose what he feels should be the new guidelines when it comes to recording and publishing deals and he laid out each and every guideline.

He said, “1. The artist owns the copyright in the recordings and songs and leases them to the record label/publisher for a limited term. 1-year deals.”

Kanye continued, “2. The record label/publisher is a service provider that receives a share of the income for a limited term. The split can be 80/20 in the artists’ favor.”

As he continued to make his points, Kanye stressed the importance of artists being dependent on themselves. He said in his next guideline, “Artists must be dependent on no one but themselves to manage their catalog. You should need NO ONE else to understand the business you’re in.”

As he continued to list his guidelines, he wrapped up everything and said, “There are 5 main pillars in a professional musicians business Recording, Publishing, Touring, Merchandise & Name, and Likeness.”

Check out all of his guidelines below:

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In a new series of tweets, #KanyeWest took the time to share the guidelines he feels should be followed when it comes to recording and publishing deals. As you all know, for the past few days he has been adamant about letting his followers know that he is fighting for artists to have their masters, and better deals when it comes to record companies. #Swipe through to see the guidelines he has mentioned. (: @gettyimages)

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As we previously reported, Kanye has been very vocal about unfair contracts that are offered to artists within the industry, and to prove it, he even posted a video of himself urinating on his own Grammy Award.

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