Jeremih reportedly transferred from intensive care and recovered from COVID-19 (update)

According to @tmz_tv, Jeremih was relocated from intensive care and is on her way to recovery. “Jeremih has been transferred from the intensive care unit he was treated in last week and will now spend the remainder of his recovery in a regular hospital where the” real healing “is set to begin.”

If you recall, last week it was reported that Jeremih had signed COVID-19 and his friends, including Hitmaka, 50 cents, and Chance the rappers asked everyone to pray for him.

Adam Smith of Jeremiah’s team called on Monday The Kenny Burns Show to give a more detailed update on his condition, he encouraged everyone to keep sending in their prayers.

During his call to Kenny, Adam said that Jeremih is stable, but he still has a long way to go and is currently in intensive care. He went on to say that Chance The Rapper, Diddy, and Mally also helped Mal with their resources to attract the best doctors for Jeremih.

That is good news! Please keep him in your prayers.