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Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Looking To Date Celebrities Anymore

Jennifer Aniston hopes to find love again – just not with another celebrity.

When chatting with Kay Adams for People (The TV Show!), Aniston was asked if she thought romantic relationships between celebrities and people outside of Hollywood can work. “Of course,” said Aniston. “Absolutely. I mean, it happened. That’s what I kind of hope … isn’t necessarily someone in the industry itself. That would be nice.”

Aniston was previously married twice, both times to fellow actors. she got married Brad Pitt However, in 2000, the couple separated five years later. Ten years later, Aniston said “I do” for the second time Justin Theroux. After two years of marriage, she and Theroux went their separate ways.

Although Aniston is looking for her next relationship outside of Hollywood, she previously told people that getting married for the third time isn’t something she’s interested in. “It’s not on my radar,” she revealed. “I’m interested in finding a fantastic partner and just living a comfortable life and having fun together. That’s all we should hope for. It doesn’t have to be set in stone in legal documents. ”

Despite finding a non-famous partner, Aniston still has to grapple with rumors about her love life. She recently ended rumors that she dated David Schwimmer after reuniting for HBO Max’s Friends special. “I couldn’t actually believe that. How, really? This is my brother! But I understand it though,” she told Entertainment Tonight of the Rumors. “It just shows you how hopeful people are that dreams will come true.”

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