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Jeffrey Leverich: Rebuilding the Middle Class Will Strengthen the Economy | split

Thank god President Joe Biden, influenced by pandemic job losses, is finally steering a new course for our nation where the economic health of ordinary people becomes a major focus.

Democrats running for office in Wisconsin or elsewhere should pursue new economic policies that improve the economic status of average families. The economic health of an expanding middle class is the true and best measure of a nation’s success.

Forty years of legislation that persistently favored large corporations and the top 1% have not created common prosperity, and attacks on the workers have eroded benefits that once protected families’ economic security.

Increased own costs for the health service, for example, offset wage increases and dampen the actual take-away fee. Health care costs are now the number one leading cause of bankruptcy in the US

On this point, Evers leads the way, suggesting that available federal funds be used to expand affordable health care in our state. But Republican lawmakers consistently prevent families from getting the care they need, budget after budget, year after year.

In a democratic economy, workers have basic rights that safeguard their interests, including paid sick leave, paid family leave due to childbirth, and leave. Americans should have the right to care for their children and families in ways that are free and free from corporate interference. Candidates should walk on it.

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