Jayda Cheaves says she treats Lil ‘Baby in the “back end” and is not online after allegedly committed fraud allegations on the surface of an adult movie star

Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby

Chile, let me tell you. These allegations about Lil ‘baby and a grown-up Las Vegas movie star, Ms. London, have really taken on a life of their own.

While Ms. London was putting her and allegedly Lil ‘babies’ tea on the innanets, it looked like Jadya was doing her business in the “backend”.

After the allegations were made, Jayda took to Twitter to get a couple of blows from her chest. She tweeted, “See why it’s best to just step up and relax, because when you show any luck on the internet, you say, ‘aht aht’, I’m so sorry.”

Jayda continued, “How about if that was the case, talking about it out loud? That’s the part that fucks me. Like ppl no longer a player at all. Everything published. “

A fan responded to the situation and said, “Sister, at some point you will have to hold the baby accountable.”

Jayda replied: “Babe, I’m women, first I take care of his A ** in the backend, not on the internet.

Jayda may not be the one who is supposedly cheating, but Gigi, Ari Fletcher’s ex-best friend, says she made it.

Gigi went to her Instagram story and wrote, “I just told 4 of my nicks when I cheat on her … dis for you Jayda, since you’re not a cheat, I’ll be a cheat for you.”

This comes days after Lil ‘baby had a lavish 26th birthday celebration.