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Ian Ziering recalls the initial thought that he could help Luke Perry recover from his stroke

Then when he “walked off the jet bridge,” he learned that his buddy had had a major stroke, and when he was at the airport, “I was approached by people I didn’t even know:“ Hey, I just got it heard from Luke. ‘It was so surreal … I was around the corner … Everyone had already known … It was like being hammered. I went to a Chick-Fil-A and just had to catch my breath. “

During those four days he said, “Since I don’t know how bad it was, I think, ‘You know what, we’ll take care of it. I will work with him. I’ll get him back on his feet. ‘He wasn’t dead in my head. People can live after a stroke. “

He admitted to thinking, “It was a surmountable obstacle – and Luke never let an obstacle be a roadblock. He’s always shown how quick he can handle it, and I admired that. “

Ziering said he “came to find out the lights are out” for Perry, 52, “when he had that stroke. [It] was a massive stroke and he was kept alive by life support measures.

“His children are so loving. Madison, his fiancée, his ex-wife – everyone hit it off, “said Ziering. “You did it. In the middle of life, where there are ups and downs, they could come together – [even] before he died – and be kind. “

through a Ted Talk who sold biodegradable, eco-friendly suits for funerals. Perry said he would invest in the business. “Data-reactid =” 54 “>” A few years ago, after his colorectal fear, [Perry] called me and said, “Z … I have three words for you: mushroom funeral suit,” said Ziering, who remembered laughing at his friend while talking excitedly about a company, Coeio, that he was going through met a Ted Talk sold biodegradable, eco-friendly burial suits. Perry said he would invest in the business.

Luke Perry and Ian Ziering at the 1999 Teen Choice Awards. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic, Inc)


“He says: I’ll do it! I do it!’ I say, “Okay, I hope this works for you.” It was in one ear and the next, ”said Ziering. This conversation escaped him until he was in Tennessee for Perry’s funeral.

“When his family took him out of the hearse, he was in this suit,” said Ziering. “There was a hood over his head, there was a suit that covered him and was buttoned at the side, ankle boots and gloves. His hands were placed over his body. He was in a mushroom suit. “

Ziering described it as “some kind of beautiful trail,” specifically that it was done exactly the way Perry wanted it to be.