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Here’s why it’s so hard as hell to give up your car to go green

I got rid of my car months ago to save the environment, but it was much more difficult than expected and I’m reluctant to drive again, he writes Graham Lawton


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November 11, 2020

David Cliff / NurPhoto / PA Images

In February, before the coronavirus epidemic turned into a pandemic, I took the plunge and let go of my car. I thought it wouldn’t be a big sacrifice: I live in London, just a few minutes’ walk from three tube stations and countless bus stops. I own a bike. There are taxis and Ubers; Supermarkets deliver. I joined a car sharing program and provided the no inconsiderable amount of money I spent to keep my car on the road to help fund my future in eco-friendly transportation.

Then the lockdown happened and it suddenly felt like a victim to be car free. I …