Halle Berry hits back, claiming she was bad in bed: "Ask my husband"

Halle Berry hits back, claiming she was bad in bed: “Ask my husband”

Halle Berry defends her bedroom honor.

The actress tweeted she was good in bed and dismissed actress LisaRaye McCoy’s suggestion about Fox Souls Cocktails with Queens last week.

“Ms. @ TheRealLRaye1, ask my husband @vanhunt, he’ll tell you everything you need to know,” Berry, 54, tweeted on Wednesday, adding a laughing emoji.

When hostess Claudia Jordan McCoy pushed the idea that Berry wasn’t good in bed, the actress simply said, “That’s what they said. I have read that. I have heard that. That’s what they said. “

McCoy later purged the air and retraced her comments on cocktails with queens on Wednesday, saying, “I remember when Monster’s Ball … [it] was their love scene and they tried to say that is how she lies in bed. “

“And it was like, no, it was a movie, folks, what are you talking about?” McCoy explained.

Monster’s Ball was a 2001 film starring Berry, Billy Bob Thornton, Sean Combs, Mos Def, and Peter Boyle. The film earned Berry an Oscar for best actress in 2002.

McCoy added that she couldn’t describe Berry’s abilities in the bedroom because she never slept with her.

“I don’t know because I’m neither gay nor bisexual,” she said. “But that bothered me because Halle is beautiful. I have no problem with Halle. I love hall. “

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McCoy added, “Halle is breaking barriers for all of us, you know what I mean. So this is absolutely a no-no. “

This all comes two months after Berry confirmed her relationship with boyfriend Van Hunt. She playfully confirmed their relationship when she wore a t-shirt that featured the musician’s name on Instagram. “Now you know … ♥ ️🦶🏽,” she wrote in a September 17th post.

The story goes on

A source previously told PEOPLE that Berry has already introduced her daughter Nahla, 12, and son Maceo, 7, to the Grammy winner.

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Earlier this month, Berry hit the headlines when she announced that she had her first orgasm at a young age during a Q&A video she posted on her Instagram.

“I remember my first orgasm,” she mused during an open conversation with the stylist and long-time friend Lindsay Flores. “I did it to myself.”

When Flores, who couldn’t remember her first experiences, asked how old Berry was when she had her first orgasm, the Oscar winner replied, “Eleven.”

Berry said she “figured out my sexuality – like most girls” at the time, before jokingly saying “Shame on you” to Flores for not remembering her experience. “I feel bad for you now.”