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Growing the UAE’s food future is vital to its economy and generations to come

A resilient and efficient food system is an important part of the UAE’s plans to develop its youth and economy. With higher disposable income, many consumers are switching to healthier, more sustainable and more nutritious foods with better traceability down the food supply chain.

The United Arab Emirates is taking important steps to address food-related issues through education, engagement, innovation and entrepreneurial solutions. The government has spared no effort to strengthen food resilience in a nation that consumes 90 percent of overseas food.

Despite its arid desert environment, the UAE has developed into an advanced economy. It has developed its infrastructure, technology and expertise to grow food locally and establish a sustainable food and agriculture center. It is also the first country in the world to set up a dedicated ministry to deal with food resilience.

In Abu Dhabi, the government is increasing domestic agricultural production by 40 percent in the medium term. In order for the UAE to provide quality food to its growing population, the country needs an efficient supply system and greater appreciation of the quality of locally produced food.

The need for large-scale, high-impact investments is the reason a holding and development company like ADQ is dedicated to growing critical business clusters and providing critical infrastructure for regional and international sales.

However, the government also recognizes that no nation can be completely self-sufficient. Access to global food markets and trade relationships are necessary. Abu Dhabi’s ambition to supply a growing country with local food provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate its leadership role on a global scale by also supplying other countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa that are challenged by limited infrastructure.

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