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Green Globe International (GGII) stock suddenly rises 235: But why?

Last Friday, Green Globe International (OTCMKTS: GGII) stock emerged as one of the biggest winners in the market, despite the fact that there was no news about the company. Investors nonetheless flocked to the stock on a massive scale, making it soar up to 23%.

In such a situation, it may make sense for investors to take a look at an important development from August 26th. The company, which wants to gain a foothold in the tobacco industry, presented itself with an exhibit at the White Label Show with its new hemp and CBD track.

CBD and traces of hemp are an important new product for the company in many ways and it could be a good time for investors to look into them. The track focuses on existing companies currently interested in selling CBD and hemp.

The trade show at which the company was exhibiting focused on companies that were just beginning the industry. At the event, keynote speaker, Jorge Olsen, gave an overview of the hemp CBD cigarette brands the company was working on. The company said it will also have an exhibition of its CBD vending machines.

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