Full member Pam Long admits that she lied about Cyntoia Brown-Long's husband who sexually abused her when they were married

Full member Pam Long admits that she lied about Cyntoia Brown-Long’s husband who sexually abused her when they were married

Roommate, last year we reported that Pam Long of the ’90s R&B group Total posted an explosive video accusing her ex-husband Jamie Long (who is now married to Cyntoia Brown Long) of being her having sexually abused them during their marriage. Fast forward over a year later and Pam has just admitted that she lied about everything and asked Jaime and Cyntoia for forgiveness.

Pam Long posted a surprising video on social media in which she fully admits that her claims that Jamie Long sexually assaulted her during their marriage were fabricated. In the short video, she realized she had lied to Jamie – but she stopped explaining exactly why she made up the allegations in the first place.

In the video, Pam said:

“I come before you today with deep regret about a statement I am about to make. On October 20, 2019, I commented on my ex-husband, Jamie Long, for my show Pam’s World. And that comment was that it forced itself on women, and right after that I said, “Do you remember that night?”

Basically, I was telling the world that my ex-husband sexually forced himself on me and that was a lie. Jamie, I’m sorry for what I said about you. I am sorry for the shame I have brought on your name, your family, you, your wife, your mother, your sister, and those you love.

Also to my family, my church family, my friends, those who love me and had no idea this was a lie I was telling about Jamie. I ask you to forgive me too. Jamie I’m sorry, and I know I am not sorry for what I said. But I ask that you find it in your heart to forgive me for what I have done to you and your family. “

However, she wasn’t done yet and added more to her apology through her caption on the video:

“This is Pamela Long, formerly from Total. On October 22, 2019, you published a statement on your show that I made from the world of my show Pam regarding my ex-husband Jaime Long. On the show I made a comment about imposing himself on women and then I said, “Do you remember that night?” Today I am revoking this comment because it was a lie. Jaime didn’t impose herself on me sexually.

I am sorry for the pain, stress, and embarrassment that I caused Jaime and his family in any way. I know that apologizing can’t improve things for what I said, but I deeply apologize to the Long family. I also want to apologize to my family, church family, friends, those who look up to me, and people on social media for the lie I told. “

As of now, Jamie Long or Cyntoia Brown Long have publicly responded to Pam Long’s apology video.


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