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FTSE 100 rebounds; UK debt costs rise; Real estate transactions are increasing – business life | Companies

“At the end of June, the temporary reduction in stamp duty began to be reduced, which means this was a“ peak month ”. Investors, homeowners, lawyers and banks pushed for transactions to be completed on time so buyers could benefit from summer discounts on an otherwise costly transaction tax.

“In the medium term, the boom in home transactions is in many ways due to Covid and its related policies, which aim to protect consumer and investor trust, rather than despite the pandemic.

Apartment transactions in particular have been boosted by the temporary stamp tax cut intended to boost the housing market amid the pandemic, the lockdown-induced top-up, and a flight to safer assets alongside long-term low interest rates.

“The boom in demand that the transaction data showed last year, especially in June 2021, with limited supply, has led to an increase in house prices.

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