Hermain Cain

Former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Passes Away Following Battle With Coronavirus

Roommates, former presidential candidate Herman Cain (and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza) has passed away at the age of 74 from the coronavirus. He was also co-chair of Black Voices for Trump and had been hospitalized earlier this month due to complications from the virus.

Herman Cain’s death was announced via an obituary sent from his verified Twitter account, as well as confirmed by Newsmax, where he was launching a television show. Although it is currently unknown where he contracted the coronavirus, Herman Cain did attend Trump’s June 20th campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma—and was not wearing a mask. It was at that rally where at least eight Trump advance team staff members tested positive for coronavirus.

Cain had also been publicly critical of the precautions against coronavirus, specifically being against wearing a mask to prevent the highly contagious disease.

Back in 2011, he officially announced his Republican candidacy for president. During his time in the race, his notable talking points for his platform were a 9-9-9 tax reform plan, which would have replaced almost all current taxes with a 9% income tax, a 9% corporate tax and a 9% national sales tax.

However, about seven months into his campaign, Cain dropped out of the race, following sexual harassment allegations, which he later denied. As of right now, there is no word on his official cause of death.


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