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Ex-Army Vet Convicted of Southern California Bombing | App top news

An Army veteran who planned to bomb a white supremacy rally in southern California was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison on Monday.

Mark Steven Domingo, 28, of Reseda, Los Angeles, was convicted in August of material aid to terrorism and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, the US attorney said.

Domingo planned to bomb a planned rally in Long Beach in April 2019 before he was arrested, prosecutors said.

Domingo, a former combat infantryman, had recently converted to Islam and for several months discussed several plans to kill large numbers of people in southern California in revenge for the March 2019 attacks on two New Zealand mosques that killed 50 people, prosecutors said.

In online posts and an online forum, Domingo expressed “a desire to obtain violent retaliation for attacks on Muslims and a willingness to become martyrs,” a statement by the US Attorney General said.

Domingo considered attacks against Jewish people, churches and police officers before deciding to bomb the white supremacy rally, authorities said.

Domingo posted an online message that read “America Needs Another Vegas Event,” an obvious reference to the October 2017 mass shootings in Las Vegas that killed 59 people, documents show. He said it would spark civil unrest to “weaken America by giving them a taste of the terror they love to spread around the world”.

The terrorist attack was foiled by the FBI and police by mistaking an undercover officer and informant Domingo for his accomplices.

“This defendant planned a terrorist attack with mass victims and repeatedly admitted during the trial that he had a desire to kill as many people as possible,” said Acting US Attorney Tracy L. Wilkison. “Had this bombing been successful, many innocent people would have been murdered, but this defendant has not shown remorse for his behavior, nor has he evaded the extremist ideology that motivated his terrible conspiracy.”

Domingo “represents the very real threat posed by domestic violent extremists in the United States,” said Kristi K. Johnson, assistant director of the FBI’s Los Angeles branch.

Military records show Domingo served approximately 16 months in the army, including a four-month deployment to Afghanistan in the fall of 2012. A US official told The Associated Press in 2019 that Domingo was demoted and fired before he was enlisted on his draft contract Had committed an unspecified serious criminal offense.

He went with the rank of private, the lowest possible salary.

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