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Eddie Hassell’s parents are forgiven for the actor’s killer

The parents of the murdered actor Eddie Hassell talk about the “senseless” tragedy.

arrested the man suspected of murdering the 30-year-old actor. In an interview with CBS DallasSandi and David Hassell reported on their mourning process. “Data-reactid =” 17 “> Eddie, known for his leading role in” The Children Are All Right “, was the victim of an accidental robbery and shooting on November 1. The police arrested the suspected man, the 30-year-old In an interview with CBS Dallas, Sandi and David Hassell shared their grief process.

“What happened to him was pointless,” explained Sandi. “He had a future. He had things to himself. He was a good boy and everyone talks about his heart. He had a good heart. “

Eddie Hassell, 30, died after being the victim of an accidental shootout. (Photo: AP)


Eddie has been shot dead multiple times in Grand Prairie, Texas and 18 year old D’Jon Antone has been arrested for capital murder. Although an investigation is ongoing, detectives ruled the robbery was accidental.

“He lived life for Eddie’s 30 years,” added Sandi. “He has.”

Sandi remembered the special bond she shared with her son and the last thing he had ever told her.

“I called him every night to say goodnight and that I loved him,” she said. “I think they said he was shot at 1:50 am. I spoke to him at 12:45 pm and the last thing he said to me was, ‘Happy Halloween mom. I love you.’ My life changed forever because someone did something stupid. For nothing and took his life. “

Despite their pain, the Hassells work to forgive Eddie’s murderers.

“As the kind of people we are, we can forgive this guy, but I think he’ll have to spend his time for the rest of his life,” David told CBS. “He took my son with him.”

“Not just from us, but from the world,” added Sandi. “For no reason.”