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Ecosciences Inc (ECEZ) Stock Doubles With No News: Will It Last?

It is often noted that stocks end up seeing huge gains despite no news at all about the companies, and one such rally was seen in Ecosciences Inc (OTCMKTS: ECEZ) stock last Friday. The stock was in the middle of a big move and ended the day 100% profit.

There hasn’t been any news about the company in many weeks, but to get an idea of ​​Ecosciences it might be a good idea to take a look at the company’s last major development back in July. As early as July 19, the company announced that the application it had submitted to the OTC markets for OTCIQ had been approved.

It’s an important part of the process related to getting the current status of the OTC markets. It was therefore an important development for Ecosciences and, above all, the company managed to submit its application before the deadline in September 2021.

Ecosciences also thanked GW Holdings Group LLC for the funding support at the time and stated that it was moving forward with its goal of maintaining its current status. While July events may not have been related to the rally, investors might want to keep an eye on the stock this week.

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