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Economic situation on Labor Day

WFMJ News asked him about the end of the eviction moratorium and solutions to keep people in their homes.

“We’ve invested billions of dollars and it’s just not going to be released, so we have to find a strategy at the local level. I mean, these landlords have to be paid, ”said Congressman Ryan.

The Congressman believes the economy will strengthen as well-paying jobs remain vacant that can help families and people who no longer get the extra federal benefits make ends meet.

“Look at TJX Home Goods, they are well over a thousand workers from $ 17.18 an hour, Lordstown Motors still have over 500 people there, the battery factory, Macy’s, like the jobs are there and the wages are up” Me think there are many ways for people to get out and go to work. But if you have a problem with childcare and there aren’t any childcare options for you and you can’t afford it, you won’t go out, ”Ryan said.

Ryan emphasized: “That is why there is also a very robust childcare for working people in this next infrastructure law in order to be able to take care of childcare, there is also a universal preschool that brings children to school, which relieves them of children.” worry, so there are a lot of things out there that put money in the pockets of working people. “

He adds some of the bill’s provisions as it stands, including paid family vacation and a tax cut for working families and a paid community college.

Ryan says he’s still working with Congress and the administration to try to get Delphi employees the pensions they deserve.

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