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TEN.Finance moves vaults to Biswap after PancakeSwap migration

TEN.Finance asked the user to move their vaults from PancakeSwap to Biswap. Two weeks after PancakeSwap announced the farms’ migration to the new MasterChef, the decision was made. The optimizer stated that the consolidation is planned to increase annual percentage revenue for the community.

On April 15th, PancakeSwap notified its users via Twitter and Medium to move their farms to MasterChef. Migration was mandatory to continue earning rewards from staking. The decision to migrate was made immediately after the price of CAKE doubled in the market.

TEN.Finance has announced its plans to increase annual return percentage by relocating PancakeSwap’s vaults. Other dimensions of this decision include strengthening the relationship with Biswap and providing users with higher offers through discounted vaults. TEN.Finance came to this decision after analyzing the ups and downs of the platform.

TEN.Finance’s Medium post urged all users to move their liquidity pools to Biswap. This DEX platform will carry higher TENFI issuance to boost APY. The auto-compounded BNB/TENFI and TENFI/BUSD LP will also receive higher issuance at this new DEX. The latter of these two pairs will soon be converted into a biswap farm.

With this integration, the yield optimizer plans to launch new stablecoin liquidity pools and the LUNA/BNB pair. There are also plans to replace YIELDEX with the currently used PancakeSwap Stable LP versions. Ultimately, all of this planning leads to the launch of LEND, which offers airdrops for holders of 10,000 or more TENFI tokens.

The TEN.Finance also requested that the users do not interfere with the TEN lots during the migration. Users need to fill in the required fields from the website and send a screenshot of the total ZEHN lottery prizes to upload using the link provided. The TEN.Finance team will complete the migration to new TEN lots for you.

We’re yet to know what the yield optimizer has planned for the single-staking pool CAKE, and news of the pool being retained or removed will be announced shortly. However, it has been clarified that all TENFI issuance on PancakeSwap vaults will cease immediately and these vaults will be moved to Biswap with the same liquidity pools.

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