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HALO COIN releases a real-time multiplayer PvP and PvE arena NFT game

The fast-paced combat and short gameplay keeps the adrenaline pumping

HALO COIN has launched HALO, a real-time multiplayer PvP arena NFT game developed in Unreal Engine and Binance Network. Gameplay revolves around an all-out skill match where the best players constantly compete for resources, territory and world domination. Each player has a unique opportunity to protect their empire while earning huge rewards.

According to a recent study, the eSports industry is growing by 30% every year. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the growth of the industry, with more than 3 billion people worldwide (40% of the world’s population) playing games. As interest in games grows, game developers are looking for ways to create games with interactive elements that will delight and engage players.

“I made this game because we know people love the Back in Time game,” says Ever R., Founder of HALO COIN .”

HALO is a mix of a traditional PvP gaming experience and some of the best features of the blockchain world. These blockchain features include decentralized governance elements (DAO/DAC) of the in-game platform, NFTs, and some DeFi features. All participants can win prizes and use them in a decentralized blockchain environment.

The HALO COIN (HALO) is the core utility token of the HALO gaming platform and the entire ecosystem. It is a utility token with in-game staking for stability and rewards. The token can also be used for yield farming and gaming platform governance voting. In addition, HALO COIN is an internal medium of exchange.

HALO was built with the ultimate goal of creating a futuristic multi-blockchain sci-fi metaverse without borders and limitations. The endgame is the union of developers, investors, and players in an environment where they can contribute to game development and create content. Because HALO leverages NFT technology, HALO players can truly own in-game assets and freely transfer their collectibles from one game to another.

With expertise in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and game development, the HALO team strives to provide high-octane gameplay with DeFi-inspired incentives. HALO is currently being developed for PC, iOS and Android with cross-platform multiplayer capabilities. The HALO ecosystem is designed to entertain players while making them feel like a valuable part of game development.

HALO COIN is now live. Click here for airdrop instructions.

Presale: https://halocoins.com/presale


HALO COIN is a real-time multiplayer PvP arena NFT game developed in Unreal Engine and Binance Network. The game is a mix of gaming and DeFi elements, with added incentives and rewards as well as staking mechanics for token holders and players. The HALO COIN – the core utility token – was designed for staking, yield farming, game platform governance voting and internal use cases for medium of exchange.

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