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Gnox (GNOX) price increases by 63%. Bitcoin (BTC) begins recovery as Shiba Inu (SHIB) continues to gain popularity

The last few weeks have been eventful in the crypto world. If you’ve been following the markets, you’ve already seen huge losses across a number of different cryptos. But these losses aren’t limited to the crypto world, traditional stocks have struggled as well. While some crypto fans are panicking, others see this as a time to buy. Many believe prices won’t get that cheap again (possibly ever). While no one knows for sure, short-term volatility shouldn’t be an issue if you still believe in crypto’s long-term nature (we do).

Despite huge recent losses and large declines from previous all-time highs, the market has arguably consolidated over the past few days. However, with the global recession looming, no one is sure how long this bear market will last. This is why choosing the right crypto investments is as important as ever. It’s not as easy as it was back when everything was just going “up,” but there’s still money to be made in crypto. Let’s take a look at three different cryptocurrencies that are still popular despite the general market conditions right now…

Gnox does exceptionally well during the Bear Run

That Gnox has continued to climb over 63% in price while almost all of the rest of the cryptocurrency has suffered huge losses is frankly remarkable. GNOX has been one of the best performers in the entire industry for the past few weeks, even during pre-sales. As more token burns are planned and more people realize the benefits of GNOX’s Yield Farming as a Service, prices could continue to rise. And Gnox holders also get the long-term benefit of real passive income without having to manage DeFi investments themselves, which is seen as crucial to bringing the benefits of crypto investing to the masses.

BTC consolidates losses

After suffering losses over the past few weeks, many market analysts believed that there was enough support at $20,000 per BTC and that wall would not be breached. When the price dropped below that point a few days ago, anything was possible. Confidence must have been lost, and no one knew what the real bottom was. Some called $10,000. Some even less. But since then, BTC has arguably shown real resilience. After falling below previous all-time highs, support came. Since then it has grown a bit and managed to consolidate the price a bit. At a time when global market conditions are dire and many people are calling much lower lows, this consolidation could easily be viewed as strong.

Shiba is becoming increasingly popular

Shiba has had a very interesting year or two. Huge wins followed by a slight drop. While some argue that Shiba is just a memecoin with no real foundations, it offers good passive income returns thanks to rewards for users looking to burn tokens. And the prices could improve even more as the supply decreases thanks to even more users using SHIB.

We like these 3 cryptos at the moment and think they could be a great addition to your portfolio. Try mixing the industry-proven BTC with the up-and-coming GNOX for real profits in the bear market.

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