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Apexaverse: The intersection of Metaverse, Web 3, P2E and NFTs on the Cardano blockchain

The global Metaverse market size reached US$48 billion in 2020 with a forecast of US$800 billion by 2025. The total size of the Metaverse market can reach 2.7 times the pure gaming software, services and advertising revenue.

However, as we rapidly approach the democratization of the Internet and Web3, Blockchain 2.0’s ability to offer a pragmatic approach to solving real-world deals will be put to the test. Functionality, scalability and interoperability are crucial here.

Apexaverse sits at the intersection of Metaverse, P2E, Web 3.0, and NFTs, creating a diverse and dynamic ecosystem that is always interactive and engaging, allowing players to explore, battle, collaborate, and grow their skills. While you benefit from it.

A community and social metaverse 3D games

We built Apexaverse to not only support the game catalog, launchpad, tokens with staking capabilities, and NFTs, but to tie every aspect together. It was our dream to create a project where the staking that you personally do can impact the story of the game world for everyone.

Tim Jones emphasized that the main goal was to realize our vision of a joint collaboration between the community and the developers to make the platform suitable for both old and new game lovers. It will be a platform for everyone to have fun while earning from it. We will be able to finish our first game demo and then invite our community to try it, give us feedback and be part of our journey.

The platform is powered by $AXV, which powers the platform. All token holders have a voice in deciding how development goes on the platform.

Apexaverse is simply the first community P2E 3D gaming platform built on ADA, the Cardano blockchain’s native token, allowing users to play, create, stake and earn. Community members interested only in staking and NFTs have the same authority as those scavenging for loot and glory in our multiplayer RPG games.

In addition, Apexaverse developers work closely with IOHK, the renowned company founded by Charles Hoskinson, one of the founders of Ethereum and co-founder of Cardano.

A highly anticipated ICO

You should be hearing about $AXV in the coming weeks, and with good reason it is the Apexaverse platform utility token that will be launched via an ICO (seed sale) very soon. This ICO will be divided into different parts:

A seed sale
A Private Sale (Round 1)
A Private Sale (Round 2)

The benefits of participating in the Apexaverse ICO

One of the main benefits of owning $AXVs is the opportunity to participate in upcoming Launchpad events on Apexaverse.

But that’s not all. It will also be possible for those who own $CLAP to participate in Apexaverse in Launchpool (Stake-To-Earn) through our staking platform.

As we all know, one of the best ways to make money in the crypto space is by being present at the launch of promising projects.

Register on our WAITING LIST to be notified when our sale begins.


token distribution

A solid and transparent team

The Apexaverse team is as robust as they are transparent (members can be reached through their LinkedIn accounts). It currently consists of more than 15 people working on the project on a daily basis.

Here is part of the team:

In the meantime, if you haven’t found the area of ​​the company you want to positively impact with your investment, you can find out more about the Apexaverse ICO through the project’s social media platforms, where all the announcements will be made.

Join our community for updates:

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